Milking Monitor Introduction

Welcome to the CowTime Milking Monitor service. This is the first step in the assessment of your current milk harvesting system.

We first need to ask you a few questions about your milk harvesting process.

Once submitted the Milking Monitor will calculate your answers and compare them with nationally benchmarked figures for the Australian dairy industry. A report will be generated for your results that you can print if you wish. Please read the following and then click the "Start Milking Monitor" button at the end of this page to take you to the Milking Monitor form.


We take your right to privacy very seriously. As part of the CowTime project's research efforts we require certain details about the users of our Milking Monitor service. Farm performance data collected by the service will be used to develop new benchmarking figures for the dairy industry. Personal details will be removed from the data and any results published or released will be in the form of aggregated figures only.

Personal information collected from this service will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with outside parties. CowTime may contact some users of this for evaluation or other purposes.

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