Watts 'n Your Dairy

“Saving energy in the dairy.”

Use the Dairy Energy Monitor to evaluate your dairy energy performance. You will need your past four dairy electricity bills to complete the form. Quick Note 2.3 "Using the CowTime Dairy Energy Monitor" explains how to use this tool.

The use of energy in the dairy.

 The main users of electricity in the dairy are milk cooling (30% of dairy energy) and water heating (41% of dairy energy costs) for plant washing.

Milk Cooling

Running milk through a plate cooler with the coldest water on farm and then into the correctly sized milk vat is the system that will use the least amount of energy to cool your milk.    

Read Quick Note 4.6 "How effective is your plate cooler?" for ways to check to see if your plate cooler is working to its potential and Quick Note 4.7 "Milk cooling" which describes the key components and features on common systems Australian farmers use to cool their milk.

*1st key message  –  The plate cooler is a key component to getting the most from your milk cooling system*

The use of instant chillers will cool milk quickly but may add an extra cost that does not provide a lot of benefit.

Water heating and plant cleaning. 

Check your use of hot water. Do you need that much, at that temperature? Turn the thermostat down if you have a well insulated delivery system or can put water into the plant at a lower temperature. Can using a cold acid sanitiser reduce your power costs? Think about reusing washing water.  Some farmers use their hot alkali wash more than once.  This can save water, chemicals and money.

*2nd key message -  Make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from your energy used to heat your hot water*

Read Quick Note 3.4 "Dairy energy savings checklist" for simple things you can check to make your dairy is using energy efficiently – without costing a cent!

Quick Note 3.5  "Options to reduce your electricity usage" covers solar energy, heat recovery systems and variable speed drives.

*3rd key message  -  Make sure that your system is working to it’s best to give you the best value for your money*

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