Shed Shake-ups

The popular Shed Shake-ups are CowTime’s ‘field day with a difference’.

Follow the links to the Shed Shake-ups to learn more about ways to improve milk harvesting. You can also read the Quick Notes that were part of the information packs and read about case study farmers that went home after the Shed Shake-ups and made low cost improvements to their dairy farms.

Milking Outside the Square

Considers non-traditional ways of milking:  once-a-day milking and automatic (robotic) milking

Go With the Flow 

Looks at how to improve cow flow and cow handling on the farm.

Pits and People

The people aspects of milking 

Watts ‘n Your Dairy

Ways to reduce dairy energy and consumable costs

Shorter Milking Secrets

Discover new milking techniques to shorten milking time based on research conducted by the National Milk Harvesting Centre.


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