CowTime Short Report 2007 - 2009

Summary of Riding the CowTime Wave report.

Riding the CowTime Wave 2007 - 2009

This report covers the activities for 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2009 and how we achieved our goals.  The 2009 Milk Harvesting Industry Performance Survey results were used to measure the improvements in milk harvesting productivity and showed that there has been a greater than 20% improvement in labour productivity since 2000.

Industry Performance Survey 2009

In 2009 CowTime updated its 2004 survey

Industry Performance Survey 2004

In 2004 CowTime conducted a survey of 100 rotary, 100 double up and 100 swingover dairy farms to determine the amount of time spent on various milk harvesting tasks. The survey also asked questions about the amount of automation used and farmers attitudes to milking.

CowTime Short Report 2001 - 2004

The report is a summary of the project's achievements for the first three years.

Consolidating CowTime to Milk the Benefits 2004 - 2007

This report covers the years 2004 to 2007, explaining how we achieved our project gaols.

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