Pits and People

“Looking at the best fit of the human component of the milk harvesting system.”

Pits and People is primarily concerned with the human component of the milk harvesting process and making the best fit between people and your milk harvesting system.

Section 1: The impact that people have on the productivity of the milking.

People can influence the productivity of the milking. Go to the Milking Monitor and fill out the form to get your own productivity figures. The Litres/operator/hour graph is used as a benchmark of performance ‘in the dairy’.

Although other factors impact on the Litres/operator/hour figure that you all have (eg milk yield per cow) we have found that people issues are a significant determinant of productivity in the dairy.

Section 2: The ways that milk harvesting can impact on people.

Impacts on people include both physical and psychological effects. Both areas are important to make milk harvesting a sustainable task.

* 1st key message - It is important to remember that milking can have both positive and negative impacts on people.

Read Quick Note 7.1: "The impact of milking on people"  for ideas on how to improve the working environment in the dairy.

Milking can provide health physical exercise if approached correctly. Read Quick Note 7.2: "Exercises for milking" for an explanation of warm up exercises before the morning milking and stretching prior to the afternoon milking. Watch this video on how to do these exercises.

*2nd key message  -  Look after your back. Long term abuse will generally catch up with you sooner or later.*

Section 3: The impacts that people can have on the milk harvesting process.

People have a  large influence on milk harvesting. Cow flow, milk quality, udder health and overall productivity are all affected by the human side of the equation.

Getting everything right and making the job sustainable generally improves productivity.

The program looks at work routine times in dairies and factors that impact on it such as cow flow.  Also, how long to milk a cow out?   When is she done? How do you tell?  When milk is flowing down side of bowl in sight jar. Remember too much vacuum on no/low flow teats causes damage.

Work out your own work routine times by reading Quick Note 2.2: "Working out work routine time." to discover what areas you can reduce time on and if your milking process has a sustainable work demand.

More Resources

Watch this video of Pits n People and how to do the exercises video

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