Let there be light!

22 January 2008

Good lighting in the dairy encourages smooth cow flow and makes milking easier. Often a big improvement can be achieved simply by turning a light on at the dairy entrance, or changing the angle of the light to reduce shadowing.

CowTime’s Darold Klindworth explains that cows are sensitive to light and changes in lighting. “Cows will hesitate if moving from the bright outdoor light of a yard into a darker dairy. They will also avoid stepping over a shadow because they regard it as a barrier,” he said.

Mr Klindworth suggests examining a dairy ‘through the eyes of a cow’. “You’ll be surprised by what you discover,” he said.
South Australian dairy farmer Derris Koch’s cows always hesitated before entering one side of the dairy. When he stood in the yard looking towards the platform at cow height he was nearly blinded by the afternoon sun shining through a gap in the roof line.

He solved the problem by installing shade cloth across the gap. Cows now enter the dairy without hesitation, improving cow flow and reducing the milker’s frustration levels.

For more information contact CowTime, ph 03 5624  2221, email: cowtime.project@dpi.vic.gov.au


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