Good stockhandling makes milking easier,and quicker

13 November 2007

CowTime’s stockhandling tips encourage steady cow flow into the dairy which makes milking quicker and easier by reducing the level of frustration and stress in the milking shed.

Cows that are handled quietly and calmly have low levels of fear and will enter the dairy without hesitation. Because they are creatures of habit, a positive interaction between cows and the milker is a key to good cow flow. Yelling and waving the polypipe put the cows off, mix up their pecking order and make them uncooperative. Avoid slaps, hits and loud noises and if possible carry out activities such as injections or pregnancy testing away from the dairy.

Resist leaving the pit

Many dairy farmers report they finish milking faster and with less stress by not going out to chase the cows in. If you do need to go into the yard consider entering through the back gate.

The bottom line

Good stock-handling results in a steady cow flow of cows into the dairy so the milker doesn’t have to leave the pit to chase cows in. And that makes milking quicker and easier. A calm atmosphere results in good milk let-down, increased milk yields and less frequent dunging and urination.

Find out more

To learn come to Go With The Flow CowTime’s 2008 Shed Shake-ups running in early in the new year.
Reference: CowTime Guidelines and Quick Notes have advice on cow flow. Available free of charge on the CowTime website.

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