Autmatic Cup Removers Keep Cows Calm

15 May 2009 (200 words)

Preventing over-milking results in better teat condition, more tranquil cows, better cow flow and reduced milking times.

It’s worth considering ACRs if they will allow extra milking units to be installed, reduce the number of milkers required or reduce serious overmilking.

CowTime’s Darold Klindworth says ACRs are currently used on about 40% of Australian dairies.

"They work best when cows arrive at the dairy ready to let milk down, so you may need to alter your milking routine."

Having the cows arrive at the dairy ready for milk let-down helps in every herd, but is especially important if you use automatic cup removers.

This can be achieved by having a calm, quiet, consistent routine, right from the time the cows leave the paddock. Cows will enter the dairy calm and ready for milking if they have been allowed to walk to the dairy and wait in the holding yard without rushing or mixing up their pecking order. It is also important to allow the cows to become settled in the dairy before the clusters are attached.

For more information refer to the CowTime Guidelines (Quick Note 5.2)

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