Make your milkers comfortable

13 May 2008

It is possible and very worthwhile to make a dairy a comfortable workplace. Working in a pleasant environment reduces fatigue and improves motivation.

CowTimes’s Darold Klindworth has some tips to making dairy a comfy place to be. Good artificial lighting and removing noise from the dairy can make a big difference.

Damp clothing is uncomfortable so invest in good quality protective equipment and cushioned gum boots.

Look at ways to reduce dust if feeding in the dairy and reduce exposure to teat disinfectant aerosols by using long hand-held wands, teat dip cups or remote auto teat sprayers.

Flooring should be non-slip. Consider installing cushioned mats for areas where people stand for long periods.

Check that the heights of equipment and working area are ergonomically correct.

During long shifts, change tasks around to give the muscles a break.

Watch your back!

Bending, twisting and loading are the main risk factors that cause back injuries. Look at ways to reduce the need to lift heavy items, move your feet rather than twist your back and keep the load in front and close to your body.

Avoid rushing

Design a milking work routine that does not put too much pressure on those milking. Having enough time to complete each milking task without rushing means fewer accidents and injuries.

For more information refer to the CowTime Guidelines for milk harvesting: Chapter 5 or contact: Darold Klindworth, ph 03-5624-2269


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