A helping hand for dairy farmers

21 March 2008

Dairy farmers around Australia are getting a helping hand to work through major decisions about their milking system.

This helping hand takes the form of CowTime’s Dairy Decisions, an interactive CD that guides farmers through the process of assessing future needs, reviewing options and documenting a plan.

It’s proven useful for a wide range of decisions, for example, whether to purchase a piece of equipment, plan a major upgrade or even whether to invest in a farm or enter a share-farming arrangement. For others, it has helped them to identify ways to improve their milking system at little or no cost.

Dairy Decisions contains CowTime’s tools and information resources such as the Milking Monitor, Dairy Comparer, CowTime Guidelines, Quick Notes and a series of videos of commercial dairies.

People who prefer listening to reading, will like the audio option on Dairy Decisions and those who’ve attended a CowTime Shed Shake-up will recognise Darold Klindworth’s voice as he guides you through the CD.

Dairy Decisions can be purchased for $35 ($25 + $10 postage) from the National Centre for Dairy Education, Australia, phone 1300 062 332 and ask for Hungry Minds Bookshop or phone the CowTime Project, Diana Carr 03 5624 2222. Special introductory offer: the first 300 orders will also receive a free copy of the CowTime Guidelines.

CowTime developed Dairy Decisions with funding from Dairy Australia and DPI-VIC.

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