Milking Outside the Square

CowTime has looked at automatic (robotic) milking and once-a-day milking, two very different options which have been used successfully to address labour issues on some dairy farms.

Automatic milking and once-a-day milking are both very valid business propositions for some farms. What's important is that either option is well planned and not a knee jerk reaction to unexpected circumstances.

More information: Once-a-day milking

Watch these videos:

Once-a-day milking

Extended interview with Matt Gunningham

Extended interview with Steve Riley

Read these case studies of farmers who have used once-a-day milking successfully on their farms:

Once-a-day give flexibilty: Steve and Lisa Riley, Gippsland

Once-a-day works for large herds: Tim and Leah Kennedy, Northern Victoria

Once-a-day keeps costs down: Matt and Pip Gunningham

CowTime Quick Note 1.4 Once a day (OAD) milking

Newsletter Grab: Milking once a day: will it pay?

Once a day (OAD) milking - does it pay? DPI Technical Bulletin February 2009

More information: Automatic milking

Watch these videos:

Automatic Milking Systems

Extended interview with Max Warren

CowTime Quick Note 5.8 Automatic milking systems (robotic milking)

Automatic milking resources can be found on the Future Dairy website under Publications

Max and Evelyn Warren run Australia's first commercial automatic dairy. For more details visit their website

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