Dairy planning made easier

4 June 2007

Planning your new dairy or upgrade is now much easier, thanks to CowTime’s Dairy Decisions. It’s an interactive CD that guides you through the process of assessing your future needs, reviewing your options and documenting a plan – all within the comfort of your own home.

Darold Klindworth, CowTime project leader said Dairy Decisions has a workbook to record decisions made along the way, plus CowTime’s tools such as the Milking Monitor and heaps of information including the CowTime Guidelines, Quick Notes and a series of films featuring well-designed Australian dairies.

"Dairy farmers have been finding it more and more difficult to take time away from the farm to attend courses, so we came up with an innovative way to take the program to the farm. The flexible design means you can work through the topics of interest, and come back later if you want," said Darold.

The workbook in Dairy Decisions gives farmers a place to record their ideas and decisions. And when the workbook is completed, reports can be printed to take to suppliers and lenders.

Dairy Decisions has an audio option those who prefer listening to reading. People who’ve attended a CowTime Shed Shake-up will recognise Darold’s voice on Dairy Decisions.

Feedback from test users confirmed that Dairy Decisions is easy to use, and will be useful to anyone interested in improving the efficiency of their dairy.

"If you’ve got a particular problem, or want to purchase specific equipment such as automatic cup removers, you can look up Dairy Decisions for potential benefits," said Darold.

Visitors to DPI’s Ellinbank Centre’s open day on Wednesday 6 June can get a sneak preview of Dairy Decisions. You’ll find it running at the CowTime Display.

Dairy Decisions can be purchased for $35 ($25 + $10 postage) from the National Centre for Dairy Education, Australia, phone 1300 062 332 and ask for Hungry Minds Bookshop or phone the CowTime Project, Diana Carr 03 5624 2222. Special introductory offer: the first 300 orders will also receive a free copy of the CowTime Guidelines. For more information visit CowTime’s website (www.cowtime.com.au).

CowTime developed Dairy Decisions with funding from Dairy Australia and DPI-VIC.

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