CowTime Guidelines for Milk Harvesting

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To facilitate speed of download, the CowTime Guidelines for Milk Harvesting has been broken down into manageable-sized chapters. 

CowTime Guidelines for Milk Harvesting

Title & Contents (149kb)

Section: Introduction (516kb)
Advisory Committee
Using the guidelines
The CowTime Project
CowTime Guidelines

Section: CowTime Principles

System overview, measuring milk harvesting performance

Section: Improving Processes

Entry to laneway, laneways, laneway-yard junctions, CowTime cost cutters

Holding yards, dairy entrance, CowTime cost cutters

The milking area, the milking work routine, milking the cow, CowTime cost cutters

Milking machine cleaning, yard cleaning, CowTime cost cutters

Section : Learning from others

Industry performance graphs, case study farms

Section: Planning for change

Dairy type, dairy size

Site considerations, general infrastructure, inside the dairy, CowTime cost cutters

Making changes, analysing $ implications, preparing budgets

Future trends, automatic milking installations

Section: Further Assistance

Books, journal articles, videos, organisations

Sources, Quick Note topics

1. Working out performance measures, 2. Working out work routine time, 3. Working out unit time

CowTime contacts

Section: Index(138kb)

Click here for the CowTime Quick Notes, a series of short fact sheets about specific milk harvesting topics which have been written by experts in the field.

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