Case Studies

Go With The Flow Case Studies

  •  Instant success
  •  Green means clean
  •  There's hope yet for grumpy old men
  •  Happy cows make a happy marriage
  •  Old cynic gets excited about CowTime
  •  Stress buster, beer buster
  •  Saved a day a week
  •  Never too late to learn
  •  In tune with cow behaviour
  •  Small changes make milking fun
  •  Fresh look at cow flow
  •  Less stress means happy cows
  •  No longer wired for sound

    Pits and People Case Studies:

  •  The key to a good night's sleep
  •  Calm cows - calm dairy
  •  Simple changes reduce stress
  •  Small change, zero cost, big difference!
  •  My right arm
  •  Talking saves you time
  •  Say no to aches and pains

    Watts 'n Your Dairy Case Studies

  •  Excessive energy
  •  Energy - watts it worth?
  •  Heat recovery saves heaps of energy
  •  Cooling tower not so cool in humid area
  •  Saving energy is easy
  •  Super savings!
  •  Maintenance eats away at energy bill
  •  Cut energy use by a third without leaving the farm!
  •  (too) Hot stuff!
  •  Simple changes cut hot water bill

    Shorter Milking Secrets Case Studies

  •  Short shrift for slow cows
  •  Cut a third off milking time
  •  Labour, lifestyle revolution
  •  Never say never!
  •  Looking at labour differently
  •  An hour more a day to play
  •  A few cows hold up the whole milking
  •  Swapping milking time for family time

    Milking Outside the Square Case Studies

  •  Once-a-day give flexibilty: Steve and Lisa Riley, Gippsland

  •  Once-a-day works for large herds: Tim and Leah Kennedy, Northern Victoria

  •  Once-a-day keeps costs down: Matt and Pip Gunningham

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