Welcome to CowTime.

CowTime is all about making your milking time easier, quicker and more productive.

CowTime can help farmers improve their milk harvesting process by showing how to spend less time in the dairy, save money on labour or decide on the dairy improvements that are right for your circumstances.

Cow Time brings together milk harvesting expertise from around the country to your local area. Look out for the CowTime activities in your area and get involved!

  The first step

Find out how you are performing on your farm. Use the 'Milking Monitor' to assess how your milk harvesting practices compare with other dairy farmers, and to get some hints on how to improve.

  Congratulations you are well on the way to making milking easier.  


Industry Performance Survey 2009

An increasing proportion of Australian dairy farms have automation in the dairy shed. This independently commissioned survey explores a range of milk harvesting pracices on farms across Australia and has monitored changes since 2004.

CowTime Videos

All the CowTime videos produced for the Shed Shake-ups are now available to watch here on the website.

Shorter Milking Times calculator

Work out your herds Maximum Milk Out Time

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